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Fuzzy Logic searching of guest history

  • Finds previous guest details even if the spelling of entered names is not exact.
  • Makes booking entry faster & easier.
  • Avoids duplication.
  • More efficient marketing to previous guests.

Automatic Postcode look-up

  • Instantly determines the Post code, State & Phone Area code of entered Place Names.
  • Easy resolution of ambiguous place names.
  • Improved accuracy of all addresses held.
  • Makes address entry faster & easier
  • More effective mailing to previous guests.

Automatic capitalisation

  • Descriptions, names & addresses etc. are entered in lower case only. The system converts letters to upper case as necessary.
  • Easier typing !!!
  • Consistent, high quality presentation.
  • Makes all text entry faster & easier.

Code look-up windows

  • When entering any code within the system, one key press will display a list of available codes from which to choose.
  • No need to memorise uncommon codes.
  • No need to scrabble through books or cards in front of the customer.

Prompt help displays

  • Displays beneficial information exactly and only when it is needed by the operator. For example: which key to press for code look up!
  • New operators feel more confident.
  • Constant reminder of the features available.

Interrupt mode enquiry system

  • Anywhere within Front Office, at any time, one key-press will display an inquiry program menu overlaying your current work.
  • Designed to handle life in the real world!
  • Minimum disruption from phone calls etc.

"Where is ?" menu search

  • You know it must be in there somewhere!
  • "Where is" finds it for you, describes it, and then takes you there.
  • Faster & easier to use.
  • Easier to learn quickly.

Expert help system

  • Allows you to ask an English language question beginning "How do I...". The system presents appropriate scenarios to meet your requirement.
  • Timely provision of operating instructions.
  • Easier to learn gradually, at your own pace.


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