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  • Allows a single charge to show on the Guests invoice while maintaining the correct internal charge distribution. Easily created & edited in a few seconds.
  • Guest invoice appears the way the guest expects.
  • Maintains internal accounting records correctly.
  • Quickly adapts to the guest's exact requirements.

Multiple Folios for each account

  • Allows a single account to be split into multiple separate printed invoices.
  • Ideal for dividing company and private expenses of a guest into separate invoices.

Multiple rooms
per booking

  • No need for multiple bookings if more than one room needed.
  • Keeps all related information together.

Group bookings

  • Individual account for each group member.
  • Easy room assignment & transfer.
  • Staggered arrival & departure dates.
  • Ease and flexibility for handling individual group members, and the group as a whole.

Corporate activity

  • Keeps together the information about guests from the same organisation.
  • Provides consolidated marketing information.

Automatic PABX
(more details)

  • Monitors the phone system & records details of all outgoing calls.
  • Automatically applies phone call charges to guest accounts.
  • Complete details are available if needed.

PABX Control

  • Automatically updates the phone system to bar extensions, place wake up calls and display guest names.
  • Receives housekeeping room status.
  • Easier and better control of the phone system.
  • Housekeepers can update the room status on the computer directly from the guest room.

ABS Quarterly

  • Instantly produces the information for the report required by the government.
  • Saves an enormous amount of time.
  • Improved accuracy of figures provided.

Floor Plan Display

  • Graphically shows the actual room layout within the property.
  • Allows staff to easily choose rooms appropriate for the guests special requirements.


  • Organises and records all repair & maintenance activities throughout the property.
  • Easier organisation of maintenance.
  • Comprehensive fault history for each room.


  • Accessible from every date entry field.
  • Shows day, date, price level, public holidays etc.
  • Simple point & click method to select a date.
  • Shows the date of Easter for years in advance.
  • Makes date input easier & faster.
  • Includes your own notes & comments.
  • Timely feedback of useful information.

Mailing List

  • Print letters/labels for past, current or future guests, companies, debtors, owners & travel agents.
  • Capitalise on the information contained in the data base produced from using our software.


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