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A complete PABX interface is supplied as an integral and standard component of the Satin Software Front Office system.

The interface provides fully automatic recording of outgoing call details.
Satin allows pricing of phone calls by pulse-count, duration and destination, or reported cost from the PABX.

As calls are recorded, they are immediately charged to the appropriate account. 
This ensures that the guest account always indicates an up-to-date balance owing. 
The system provides a simple method to check for calls made before check-in or after check-out, and the check-in process 
automatically detects recent calls from a room. Calls in this category can be easily assigned to an appropriate account. 
Handling of these exceptions is done as part of the normal daily routine. This structure minimises workload and delays at check-out.

Phone call details can be reviewed or printed in a variety of ways, including:

  • calls by extension
  • calls by account
  • chronological order

If your PABX provides a Property Management System interface (PMSI), then the Front Office system may automatically control the PABX. 
The extent of this control is dependent on the capabilities of the PABX, but it can include the following features.

Extension control

Performing Check-in, Check-out or Room Transfer operations on the Front Office system will automatically update the PABX. This can include barring of outside calls, guest name display on reception phones, and setup of voice mail boxes. These actions can also be performed manually using a simple entry screen in the Front Office system.

Message waiting light

The light on any extension can be easily turned on or off from the Front Office system.

Room cleaning

On completion of room cleaning, the housekeeper can dial a special number from the guest room phone extension. The Front Office system will automatically update the state of that room to Clean.

Time of day

Adjustments to the computer's clock made from the Front Office system, will automatically update the time of day clock on the PABX.

Wake up calls

Can be easily entered in the Front Office system, and are passed to the PABX system to be actioned at the selected time.


Satin Front Office also provides a Resynchronise function.

If the PMS link has been out of action for a while, the PABX will have out-of-date information. The Resynchronise function automatically brings the PABX back up to date.


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